Dr. Juan Luque     

Medical degree: Graduated with honors from Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC).

Specialty in General Surgery in North Central Hospital in Mexico City.

Specialty in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in “20 de Noviembre” National Medical Center, both medical facilities affiliated to National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Board Certified by the Plastic Surgery Council of Mexico #1374.

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    Dr. Victor Hugo Castillo Gutierrez
    Collaborates as an Anesthesiologist since 2008
    Specialty in Anesthesiology, UABC.
    Professional License.6880464
    Medical Surgeon Midwife, UABC.
    Professional License.3213561

    Nurse. Lina del Pilar Navarrete Medina
    Collaborates as a Surgical Nurse since 2008
    General Nurse Certificate

    BN. Myrna Arlette Sánchez Escandón
    Collaborates as General Nurse, Technical and Administrative Coordinator since 2009
    Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition, UAD. Professional License in process
    Bachelor in Nursing, UABC.
    Professional License.9746884

    TS. Rosa Aida Bengoechea Mora
    Collaborates as Patient Assistance Coordinator since 2015
    Diploma in Massotherapy, UX, 2016
    Beauty Culturist, IBCM, 2006
    Social Worker Degree, IET., 1987

    LE. Alina Jusel Ruiz Hernández
    Collaborates as a General and Surgical Nurse since 2016
    Bachelor in Nursing, UABC,
    Professional License 9337458