Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a surgery performed to improve and correct the appearance of the upper or lower eyelids or both. In the upper eyelids it is useful to correct excess skin or drooping eyelid or simply change the shape of the eyes and give a more open or almond-shaped appearance to the eyes. In the lower eyelid, it is indicated for the correction of bags in the region of the dark circles and minimally removes excess skin; it is worth mentioning that it is not indicated or correct periocular wrinkles such as crow’s feet, although these improve somewhat after eyelid surgery, they are treated in another way and not with surgery.

Is a consultation before surgery necessary?

A preoperative consultation is necessary to establish the requests, needs and preferences of each patient. We also determine the degree of asymmetry between the eyelids and make the patient aware of this variation (which in our experience we routinely look for and detect in close to 100% of patients).

What type of anesthesia and where is the eyelid surgery performed?

It is performed in the vast majority of cases in the office, it is ambulatory and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia in the case of the upper eyelid and under sedation and local anesthesia in the case of the lower eyelid.

Are there scars after eyelid surgery?

Yes, in the case of the upper eyelid, we use the groove of the eyelid to locate the incision/future scar and this is imperceptible after 6-8 weeks. In the lower eyelid, the scar is located just under the eyelashes and is imperceptible from the beginning.

Is the recovery painful?

No, the eyelid surgery is not painful, the main symptom after surgery is tearing and then dry eye, that responds excellent to lubricating drops.

How much time does recovery takes?

The early recovery is about 1 week; we take away stitches on the 5th day from
surgery. The appearance of inflammation lasts for 2-3 weeks. Female patients
can use make up after 2 weeks. A high percentage of patients do not require
to stop working and achieve their surgery on a weekend and be working in

72 hours. The final result appears after 6-8 weeks.

How much time does the surgery takes? It takes 60 minutes for individual eyelid surgery upper or lower, and 1.5 to 2 hours in case of combined surgery (upper and lower eyelids).